Hedelab also has feed approval, offering its clients the guarantees necessary for the manufacture of animal feed supplements.

We work closely with veterinary universities and doctors of veterinary medicine. We offer real expertise in order to find the best formulas, galenics and flavorings according to the species. We make every effort with our customers to develop the palatability of the supplements in order to facilitate their administration to animals.

We accompany our customers at all stages of development and production: regulations, R&D, formulations, supply, scientific advice, production, marketing and logistics.


We offer different galenic solutions for animals.


Scored tablets

Doypack poudre






Our point of honor

We make it a point of honor to work on the galenic form and palatability so that they are the most appropriate for the animal species and the distribution channel (specialized stores, veterinary clinic, etc.), which is essential for the success of our clients’ products.

Our assistance

We propose to accompany you in the realization of a targeted complement:

  • on a pathology
  • behavioural disorder
  • production performance (livestock)
  • animal welfare

We can also accompany you on the development of a complete range of products for your brand with different objectives.

As a manufacturer, we accompany you throughout the process:

  1. Signature of a confidentiality agreement
  2. Definition of the specifications: choice of the galenic form and the ingredients
  3. Sourcing and quotation
  4. Signature of the manufacturing contract
  5. Production