Private Label

As a food processor since 1974, we are the partner to help you realize your range of food supplements.


Definition of the need

  • Based on an exchange on the understanding of the client’s market needs, Hedelab elaborates a marketing brief describing the content of the client’s expectations for the new product. A dedicated project team accompanies the client for the concretization of this first step of project development.


Regulatory support

  • A dedicated regulatory affairs team, assisted if necessary by an external consultant, verifies the compliance of the formula with the legislation in force in the country. Hedelab can accompany clients for the choice of claims in compliance with EFSA requirements. Hedelab can also accompany its clients for the elaboration and the registration of the formula with the authorities of the concerned country


Elaboration of a CoP

  • On the basis of the marketing brief, Hedelab elaborates an internal feasibility analysis (bench batch, taste test, industrial feasibility) and a first costing concretizing the project content. On this basis, a complete set of specifications including the definition of the offer and the associated production process is drawn up for the next production of the chosen product.


Realization of the pilot batch

  • On the basis of the internal specifications, Hedelab organizes a mini industrial production to confirm the tests performed in the laboratory. This step confirms the final feasibility of the product


Realization of the lay-out for the packaging

  • Hedelab accompanies its customers in order to propose adapted, innovative and ‘eco-friendly’ solutions to ensure that the printed matter and packaging take into account the industrial and environmental technical constraints in phase with the chosen positioning of the product on the market.



  • Hedelab invests in solutions to guarantee an irreproachable quality. In this context, many innovative galenic solutions are available to meet the evolving requirements of the market



  • Hedelab takes care of the logistics of the customers both in terms of storage and shipment in an eco-friendly logic and to reduce packaging.

We have the ability to help you in different situations :

  • You have a precise idea of your range and your formulations.  Send us your specifications and we will make a price offer per product.
  • You want to launch a new range but you are uncertain about formulations or regulations. We look with you according to the needs of your customers and we help you thanks to our R&D experts.
  • You have a product range with formulation but you are not sure about the distribution channel and the positioning of your brand.  We help you to analyze and understand the market
  • You hesitate to launch supplements with an organic label.  We think with you according to the market and your target customers.
  • You have an existing range and you want to enlarge it.  We offer you new formulas in connection with the rest of your range.
  • You wish to revitalize your assortment.  We help you to rework the formulas, galenics and packaging.

For many years, we have been meeting a strong demand and we observe a strong growth of the food supplement market. As the first food supplement manufacturer to be ISO 22 000 certified, we offer you all the guarantees in food safety. Certified Organic, we can design food supplements under the European organic label. Approved in animal nutrition, we are at your disposal to realize an assortment of food supplements for animals.